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Dave West

Marketing & Artist Development 

Dave West was a professional bassist during the 80’s and 90’s and played with acts including Wham, Hazel O’connor, Sam Fox, LTJ Bukhem and the Q-Tips. He also played on numerous jingles, commercials and TV shows, and toured extensively across Europe and parts of the US playing to audiences of up to 80,000. 
Dave’s interest in recording then lead him into engineer and producing as well as writing. He worked with number artistes including Geri Halliwell and Bonnie Tyler.
In the late 90’s, Dave was approached to take on a studio consultancy role which allowed him to work with Pete Townshend, George Harrison, Julian Lennon, George Michael (again), PWL, Twigg and Topham and Holly Johnson. 
Over the last 10 (or so) years, Dave has become passionate about music related marketing. This landed him the position of head of marketing for the UK’s leading pro audio distributor Synthax Audio. His role has included artist liaison where he has, and continues to work with acts such as Elton John, Coldplay, The Who, Iron Maiden, Depeche Mode,  Clean Bandit as well TV shows such as The Voice and the X-Factor. 
His expertise in this area has made him in demand with several global music companies where he continues to consult on digital marketing strategies.  
As a new music industry evangelist, Dave now focuses on how he (along with partner Jamie) can develop new strategies to help musicians, producers and independent record companies to build an engaged and active fanbase. 

Jamie Gibbons

Technology for Marketing

Jamie’s passion for music stems back to the mid 80s when the hip-hop and breakdance scene made its way across the water to the shores of the UK. The electronic nature of this music was incredibly exciting to Jamie and that coupled with his enthusiasm for technology created the perfect storm. Throughout the 90s and early naughties Jamie found himself working for various music technology companies and then producing and engineering at various studios in London and Manchester.

It it was inevitable that Jamie would find the .com boom of the turn of the millennium playing the biggest influence in his career and since then he’s been involved in building websites, Internet marketing and all things digital. This fused with his passion for music is what led to his involvement in Musoplug.