Season 7 has come to a close for the popular HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Lucky for GOT die-hards, there’s an ample amount of free content to help tide you over until season 8, and many of these creators are on Patreon.

We’ve compiled the top 5 GOT-related creators on Patreon and their most popular piece of content. Between them, there is over 500 hours of content to keep you satisfied until next season drops.

If that’s still not enough to get you through the long winter, each of these creators also offers additional bonus content for their paying patrons, and have generously provided some free samples of exclusive patron-only content for you all to try today.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 creators making Game of Thrones content on Patreon, their most popular piece of content, and a free sample of some of their exclusive patron-only content. Enjoy!

History of Westeros

550+ Patrons
$3,250 per month
Patreon Creator since 2014

Most Popular Public Content

History of Westeros creates podcasts for those who want to get more out of the Game of thrones series or the book. The duo team, Aziz and Ashaya, release a focused and comprehensive series that includes two live streams a week: “Show Only” and “Book to Show”. All of their episodes are available for free on their YouTube and Soundcloud.

Patron-only Content:

History of Westeros gives access to all Aziz vs. Chapter Episodes to their patrons on Patreon. They were kind enough to provide an example of these patron-only videos:

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Alt Shift X

1,800+ patrons
Patreon Creator since 2015

Most Popular Public Content:

Alt Shift X produces videos with quick, clear explanations and analysis of Game of Thrones. All of their episode reviews are accessible for free on their YouTube.

Patron-only Content:

Alt Shift X hosts livestreams on Patreon that dig deeper into each episode. They granted us permission to share their 45 minute livestream for Season 7 Episode 3, which is usually only available to patrons. If you enjoy this, you still have time to subscribe to Alt Shift X’s Patreon and catch the Tuesday night livestream analyzing the Finale.

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GOT Academy

1,060+ patrons
$4,258 per month
Patreon Creator since 2015

Most Popular Public Content:

GOT Academy is a duo video team creating interesting & entertaining videos about Game of Thrones (both the series and the books). They break down GOT from a historical and political perspective, looking for real historical and political context and inspirations – all while having fun along the way. All of GOT Academy’s public videos are available on their YouTube channel.

Patron-only Content:

GOT Academy releases all kinds of patron-only content, the most popular of which are their “High Society” reaction videos (view an example below). Their patron-only content also includes prediction notes, reaction videos, and livestreams for each episode.

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Game of Owns

106 Patrons
Earning $675 per month
Patreon Creator since 2014

Most Popular Public Content:

Game of Owns is a podcasting team that has covered over 370 episodes through HBO’s Game of Thrones, as well as George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. You can join them season by season, chapter by chapter, and hear from visits with actors, artisans, and producers of the series. Game of Owns releases podcasts weekly, discussing each new episode of the TV series. You can find all of their podcasts on their website.

Listen here to experience their most popular Season 7 podcast.

Patron-only Content:

Game of Owns releases an assortment of patron-only content, including show notes, livestreams, private google hangouts, and access to a private facebook group where GOT discussions takes place.

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Natalie Bochenski

470+ patrons
$700 per recap
Patreon Creator since 2016

Most Popular Public Content: 

Natalie Bochenski is a self-declared Mother of Kittens, Game of Thrones tragic, and worshipper of Jon Snow’s abs. She writes funny Game of Throne recaps, which are published for free via Cheeseburger Gothic. She also launched her own GOT “Raven On” podcast reviewing each episode. All of Natalie’s written reviews are available here.

Natalie’s Patreon: 

Natalie does not release bonus content on her Patreon, however, her patrons invest in her commitment to future recaps. The money she earns from Patreon is reinvested back into her production output and her podcast recording equipment. She was able to purchase the microphone pictured below as a result of her patrons.

Since launching on Patreon, Natalie has more than doubled her listenership. She was kind enough to share the pledge growth chart from her Patreon dashboard to demonstrate how much her business is growing.

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With over 500 hours of free content to sustain you until Season 8, these creators can provide the reviews, theory, and commentary you’re craving. And, if one of these creators really offers the GOT experience you’re looking for, there’s more for you waiting on Patreon. Becoming a patron not only grants you access to bonus content – it instantly reveals a community who appreciates the same content as you.


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