5 Useful Books for Musicians, Bands and Producers about the New Music Industry

In my opinion there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the music industry or should I say the New Music Industry. The landscape is changing rapidly and no longer do you need to be signed to a major record label to carve yourself a career doing something that you love. Getting started in the industry can often seem like a daunting challenge and with so many ways to promote and publish your work or service it can be equally confusing. Here’s 5 books that we think cover some of the important things you need to think about when getting started in the New Music Industry. If you’ve read any of these books please let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

How To Make It in the New Music Business: Practical Tips on Building a Loyal Following and Making a Living as a Musician by Ari Herstand and Foreword by Derek Sivers


“Ari is at the front of the front. He gets it. I’ve read a hundred how-to-make-it-in-the-music-biz books, and this one is today’s definitive, comprehensive manual.” —Jack Conte, 150+ million YouTube views, Pomplamoose, CEO of Patreon

Forget everything you think you know about the odds of “making it” in the music industry. Today, odds mean nothing and success is not about lucky breaks. It’s about conquering social media, mastering the art of merchandising and simply working harder and being smarter than everyone else. We are living in the midst of an industry renaissance, one that has left the record companies desperately struggling to maintain their prominence, as a subculture of dedicated, DIY (do-it-yourself) musicians have taken over. These days talent is a given and success has to be earned.

Music Law in the Digital Age: Learn Copyright Essentials in Order to Succeed in Today’s Music Industry by Allen Bargfrede


With the free-form exchange of music files and musical ideas online, understanding copyright laws has become essential to career success in the new music marketplace. This cutting-edge, plain-language guide shows you how copyright law drives the contemporary music industry. By looking at the law and its recent history, you will understand the new issues introduced by the digital age, as well as continuing issues of traditional copyright law. Whether you are an artist, lawyer, entertainment Web site administrator, record label executive, student, or other participant in the music industry, this book will help you understand how copyright law affects you, helping you use the law to your benefit.

The 11 Contracts That Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know by Steve Gordon


The 11 Contracts Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know is an in-depth guide to help artists, songwriters, and producers navigate the tricky world of contract negotiations in the music industry. This book analyses the most common, and important, contracts including management, production company, sync license, and producer agreements all paired with professional commentary and exclusive interviews with top industry moguls. Readers will learn the ins and outs of both the legal and business side of contracts in the music industry so that they will never find themselves stuck on the wrong side of a bad deal.

Popular Music as Promotion: Music and Branding in the Digital Age by Leslie M. Meier


?Business-as-usual? has been transformed across the music industries in the post-CD age. Against widespread hype about the purported decline of the major music labels, this book provides a critique of the ways these companies have successfully adapted to digital challenges ? and what is at stake for music makers and for culture.

Social Media Promotion For Musicians: The Manual For Marketing Yourself, Your Band, And Your Music Online by Bobby Owsinski


The book shows you how to stop just using social media and learn how to promote with it, as you’ll find a host of online insider tips and tricks that that will help you gain more fans and followers, increase your views, and grow your ticket and merch sales.

Social Media Promotion For Musicians shows artists, bands, engineers and producers the latest techniques and strategies to increase your online presence more effectively and efficiently than you ever thought possible. Best of all, anyone can do it!

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